Progress · Reform Anniversary

Progress · Reform is ten years old today. We had no idea that our debut mini-album recounting bleak tales of yore would resonate quite so much a decade after its release. I guess I LIKE TRAINS never had a romantic view of our island nation. It was always doomed as far we were concerned. It seems strangely appropriate to revisit as we stumble into an even more uncertain future. Our outgoing head of state has done a fantastic job in ‘booking his place in history’. We rarely learn from our mistakes. I fear tough times are ahead, but this will be fuel to the creative fire.

Live at Botanique, Brussels

Live Album

Download the live album here.

What better way to celebrate these milestones than to release a live version of Progress · Reform recorded in the home of the European Union? We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Guillaume Pakel and his team for capturing our performance at the Botanique, easily one of our favourite venues in the world. It was recorded in February 2014, during our tenth anniversary tour. Simpler times! Enjoy.

Live Video

Watch the concert here.


What else can we do to mark this momentous occasion I hear you cry? We have teamed up with a company called Mercht to bring you Progress · Reform anniversary T-shirts. Basically you order your garment here and then Mercht will fulfill our orders. It means we can concentrate on making miserable pop musics and not mess around with printing and sending T-shirts. We’re busy people trying to navigate a brave new political landscape ok?


You have 21 days to make your orders and then they’re gone forever. GO!